5 Reasons Why You Need An ICT Strategy

Information technology, commonly known as IT, is a broad word that encompasses all forms of technology that is used to exchange, save, utilise, or produce information.
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IT is sometimes referred to as the “information superhighway.” Computers, servers, peripheral devices, Internet connection equipment, and phone systems are examples of information technology equipment often utilised. An ICT strategy, which ranges from simple computer terminals to IP-based telephone systems, is a vital aspect of most recent company activities.

Communication Has Many Advantages

Quicker communications may aid in the growth of productivity, the facilitation of better corporate decision-making, and the facilitation of a company’s development into new markets or nations. Business communications may be supported by various technologies like email servers and routers. Internal company billboards and chat systems can also be used to facilitate communication. They are used to transmit routine and vital business information in a timely and efficient way via electronic communication networks. Technology may be used to communicate with executives about the state of business initiatives, keep staff up to date on essential business tasks, and interact with company partners and consumers.
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Increased Productivity in the Workplace

Streamlined workflow techniques, shared repositories, and combined workspaces may help businesses boost their productivity and enable workers to do a more significant amount of work in a shorter time. Automating regular processes, making data analysis more straightforward, and storing information in a format that can be quickly accessed for future use are all possible with the help of information technology systems. Also accessible via technology are ways to respond to consumer inquiries through email, real-time chat sessions, or a telephone routing system that links a caller with one of many available customer care representatives.

An advantage over competitors in terms of market share

Using information technology resources to their advantage helps businesses keep a competitive edge. Using information technology, companies may develop new goods, differentiate their products from those already on the market, or improve customer service and satisfaction. Information technology solutions may help companies with a low-cost product strategy cut their expenses by increasing productivity and reducing the need for additional personnel overhead. Businesses may also incorporate information technology into their goods, making it more difficult for consumers to switch platforms or products in the first place.

Cost-cutting measures and increased economic efficiency

Companies may reduce their expenses by using information technology resources. Duplicate duties may be consolidated at a single site with the help of information technology infrastructure.
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For example, a significant corporation might consolidate its payroll functions into a single location to save personnel expenses.

Economic savings may also be gained by migrating high-cost operations to an online platform. Customer email support is a service that businesses may provide to their customers less expensive than a live customer care call. Additionally, cost reductions might be realised via outsourcing alternatives, remote work opportunities, and lower-cost communication choices.

How to link your information and communications technology plan with your overall business goals

Before aligning your ICT strategy with your organisation’s goals, it’s critical to take a comprehensive look at the present ICT delivery in your organisation and determine what needs to be changed to function more effectively. This will assist you in gaining the support of your senior leadership team as well as the support of your team, who should, in turn, begin to reap the advantages of having an aligned ICT strategy.

Importantly, your leadership team must also be on board with this cross-departmental commitment. Every major stakeholder within your organisation must be aware of the function that technology plays and how ICT investment may lead to improvements in productivity.
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The possible ramifications of not investing in appropriate technology and solutions must also be understood by all parties involved.

A significant difficulty for the large-scale public and commercial organisations is that the return on investment for information and communications technology (ICT) expenditure that results in savings in multiple departments is not well tracked.

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