5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Buy Health Insurance at Costco

Costco has a reputation for having everything and having large amounts of it. People may not know that Costco also offers health insurance for businesses through the CBC Health Insurance Marketplace. Running a small business can already be a time and resource-consuming endeavor. Thankfully, with¬†Costco health insurance, there are some corners to cut regarding employee healthcare that won’t compromise quality.

1. It’s easy!

Finding the right insurance plan for your business can be a chore. Small business owners typically already have a lot on their plate! Fortunately, business owners can browse and compare insurance coverages through the CBC Health Insurance Marketplace. Suppose you need help customizing your insurance plan, or you’re not sure where to start your search.

In that case, licensed healthcare ambassadors are on standby to assist you. Once you have enrolled in a business healthcare plan with Costco, you will have access to a user-friendly interface that makes plan management more straightforward. As a business owner, you’ll have access to a dedicated self-service portal and consolidated billing.
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2. Small Business-Focused Healthcare Plans

Businesses that are under 50 employees are eligible for Costco small business insurance coverage. In some states, the employee cap is adjusted to 100. It is a good idea to check your state’s specific requirements before looking into insurance options through CBC Health Insurance Marketplace. When you are ready to begin your research, Costco makes it easy by providing quoting tools for quick access to available programs and plans.

One of the most important things to a small business is cost-effectiveness. With Costco health coverage, you can create a tailored plan to fit your employees’ needs. This customization can help ensure that you’re only paying for what you need.

3. Excellent Customer Support

An essential aspect of a quality health insurance program is a supportive customer service network. With Costco insurance, you can rely on VIP service and support for you, your employees, and their families. This streamlined support network can allow your employees to address their concerns individually. Your employees need reliable coverage and a team of specialists that they can trust. When the needs of your staff are met, employee morale remains high.
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4. Exclusively Priced Vision Plans

Costco has partnered with MESVision to create exclusively priced vision plans for members. Perks of these vision plans include customization, online plan administration, and no out-of-pocket fees when utilizing your benefits at Costco Optical.
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Costco’s vision insurance is also perfect for businesses with an existing healthcare plan in place looking for solo vision coverage. Another advantage of obtaining vision coverage through Costco is that your business can get coverage in just three easy steps. You’ll choose a vision plan, build your benefits package, and submit your application for approval.

5. Scalability

One thing that all small businesses have in common is that they have room for exponential growth. So what happens if you have implemented Costco’s small business insurance plan but your organization grows? The limit for small business insurance plans is 50 employees, or in some states, 100 employees.

If your organization has outgrown its small business plan, rest assured that there is another coverage option that will be best suited for your needs. Large business plans are designed with the requirements of a growing enterprise in mind. For example, Costco insurance offers advanced administration solutions like real-time data audits.

The health insurance marketplace is full of options. It can be challenging to know you’re getting the best plan for your business and its employees. Costco business insurance provides flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and a supportive team of experts to keep you and your staff happy and healthy. By providing standalone vision options, you can give your employees the opportunity for extra coverage. The average business owner is constantly looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality; if this sounds like you, consider Costco!

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