5 Important Safety Tips for Using Elevated Work Platforms 

Australia is one of the wealthiest and most economically successful countries in the world. It ranks third in the 2021 Index of Economic Freedom list. The service sector mostly dominates the country’s economy, but industries like agriculture, manufacturing, and mining are also highly successful in this part of the world.
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Businesses would always invest in equipment to help speed up and simplify the working process. So it is not surprising to see plenty of elevated work platforms in Australia used in various factories and manufacturing facilities in the country.

Since this type of heavy equipment is often found in various workplaces in Australia, it is necessary to safely use elevated work platforms. Knowing the safety practices will let you prevent unwanted accidents from happening in the workplace. If you plan to invest in this machinery, these tips can help ensure everyone’s safety and boost productivity.
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#1: Read All Safety Instructions

Before letting the workers use the elevated work platform, everyone must read the manufacturer’s guide for operating the machine. The guide was specifically created to instruct the users on the proper equipment operation.

It is also best to learn about all the applicable local and governmental regulations about using elevated work platforms. Some states can send free copies of the guidelines to the worksite upon request. So ask everyone involved in the workplace to read the guide thoroughly.

#2: Inspect and Do Function Tests On the Equipment Before Starting the Shift

Make it a habit to check if the machine is working properly before starting every shift. If something is wrong with the platform, you need to immediately pull it out from the facility to have it repaired by a qualified technician.

You may also have it replaced if the machine is beyond repair.

#3: Invest in Appropriate Fall Protection

When using elevated work platforms in Australia, wearing properly fitting personal protection gears like full-body harness and high-quality lanyard is necessary. These gears can help lessen the risk of being discharged accidentally from the platform.

Remember, the slightest movement that takes place at the machine’s base can result in an unexpected and strong whiplash at the machine’s platform. Therefore, wearing the necessary fall protection can help reduce the incidences of serious injuries and fatalities.

#4: Avoid Sitting, Climbing, or Standing on the Guardrails

The elevated work platform operators must always keep a firm footing on the floor of the platform.

If the operation needs to get hold of an overhead work area that may be too small or inaccessible for the platform guardrails, they can use a brand-approved device made specifically to offer additional access to hard-to-reach areas. This practice is safer than standing, sitting, or climbing on the platform guardrails.

#5: Maintain Platform Floor Cleanliness At All Times

Leaving large tool boxes, buckets, or other scraps on the floor of your platform can lead to tripping and other accidents. Therefore, you have to eliminate any unnecessary items from the platform to avoid incidents that may harm the operator or anyone near the machine.

Learning the proper ways to use elevated work platforms can help reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace. So always remind all workers to practice the proper use of these types of machinery to ensure that no one inside the facility will get hurt while using it for different functions at work.

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