5 Important Dirt Bike Gears You Must Definitely Have

Dirt bike gear comprises all the accessories, clothing, and safety equipment that every biker needs. It doesn’t matter what kind of rider you are. There are some essential items of dirt bikes that are needed for every ride. If you are a new rider, you may find yourself confused between different items and brands. Always invest in dirt bike parts that offer a high degree of strength and stiffness. It prevents them from acquiring a dent or tear. Here is a list of some essential parts that should make up your gear.

Full-face Helmet

Riders who ride at high speed and are exposed to many jumps throughout the ride require a full-face helmet. It protects a crucial body organ, i.e., your brain. The full-face design of such a helmet significantly lowers the likelihood of injury.

Assess the safety features that a helmet offers when selecting one for yourself. You should purchase a helmet that provides safety features that work to minimise rotational forces and impact.
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It should also have DOT certification.

Disc Brake Guards

The brake guard in a bike covers the brake rotors on it. They are so developed as to deflect debris. They also ensure efficiency and even stopping power. It immensely helps in preventing damage to the rear disc rotor. Disc guards are an essential item for both seasoned off-road racers or riders. Dirt Remove rust from bike chain parts like a disc brake guard having a lightweight design maintain strength. Such a brake guard has a two-part construction, which allows individual pieces to be changed easily. Investing in such a high-quality brake guard will deflect high flying stones that have the potential to cause severe damage to the crucial components of your bike.

Dirt Bike Pants

These are critical for every rider as they are developed to withstand tears and snags. Always consider wearing pants for adventure and trail riding. If you are a competitive rider, invest in pants having lightweight construction as they keep away moisture and wind. Polyester is a great material of choice as it’s durable and breathable. A quality pant provides some range of waist adjustment through Velcro side straps. Its length is relatively short, so don’t worry if they sit slightly higher than you thought.

Dirt Bike Goggles

Goggles are equally important as a helmet. They safeguard your eyes from flying dust, bugs, water, and branches. Look out for oversized googles as they impart greater protection. They should fit well with your helmet and make way for the largest field of vision. Cheap goggles fog up fast. So, find a pair that provides good ventilation.

The choice of the lens should be based on the type of dirt biking you are into. Invest in those that allow replacement lenses. You should also be able to interchange lens styles.

Knee Braces

The continuous pounding of ruts, rugged terrain, and compression forces while jumping significantly impacts your knees. Knee braces minimise wear and tear and bring about stability to the bike. In dirt biking, hyperextension of the knee joint is common. This kind of damage can lead to lifelong problems. Thus, it’s essential to look for knee braces while riding.

The best ones provide adjustment so that you can fit them perfectly. You can also look into custom-sized knee braces if you have a reasonable budget.
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Your choice of gear depends to a great extent on the kind of dirt biking you regularly do. Don’t invest in cheap quality items as they will only increase your chances of experiencing an injury. High-quality gear may be a little costly, but it will ensure that you enjoy this activity for the long term.

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