5 Gadgets to get a cinema-like experience at home

You’ve been working hard all week, dreaming of that moment of relaxation that comes on the weekend, lying on the sofa at home with popcorn, soft drinks, sweets, and enjoying a movie or series that had been in your head for so long.
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But you know that this is not usually the case: suddenly all the dark scenes of the scary movie you are watching do not look good on your screen. Your smart tv looks like that of the Flintstones of slow that it is, the charging circuit appears more spinning than anything else.
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Not to mention the sound quality, since there are scenes in which people speak in whispers and suddenly any nonsense reverberates until you wake up all your neighbors.
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It’s not nice, right? Here are 5 home theater gadgets that can help you enhance the experience almost to the point of looking like you’re at the movies.


If you were a good movie lover since you were a child, you probably dreamed of having a movie theater in your house for you and your friends. But when you got older you discovered that money was a problem in this sense. But don’t worry, now with a mini projector, at a somewhat more affordable price, your dream maybe a little closer. 


Good sound is as important as the picture, and if you don’t want to miss a single note of the soundtracks or any nuance of the dialogue, you need to put at least one pair of speakers in your house, one on each side of the room wherever you want. If you are looking for a private cinema near me that has the best sound systems and big screen like the movie theater, contact Bookthecinema.


You don’t need to download or search for movies and series to watch on your TV. There are many subscription platforms to do so. Just in case, if I were you, I’d take out my wallet and get a couple of subscriptions. However, if you are not sure about picking the right subscription, our recommendation is always Netflix, but it depends on you and your needs.

Popcorn machine   

If you like to eat popcorn while watching your favorite movie, it could be said that you are already one of us. Buying popcorn from outside can be a little bit costly if you watch movies from time to time or each weekend. But what can we do… now at least you can feel all this without paying an exorbitant price with your own machine at home.
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And by this, we are not referring to a good TV (go back to point one), what we want to tell you is that you have a good system, whatever it is, that allows you to see the content you have on streaming platforms on your screen. Our recommendation, for picture quality, usability, utility, and just about everything else, is the TV  with 4k resolution.

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