5 Best PC Maintenance Software

Maintenance of your PC software is very important. It helps the system to work smoothly and speedily. We use the computer for every work. So we need to clean our system because many junk files and useless apps can damage it and affects its speed and functioning. Maintaining your system software prevents it from viruses, bugs, malware, spyware, and affecting useful data in your computer.

There are many PC maintenance software that is used for cleaning the unwanted cache, images, videos, audio, and junk from the system and make them work efficiently. They automatically detect cache in the device and also remove it which affects the working of the computer and makes them functioning as when it was new. 

5 Best PC Maintenance Software

Here we will discuss the 5 best PC cleaning software which helps your computer to run smoothly and fastly like a new one.

  • Iolo System Mechanic
  • OneSafe PC Cleaner
  • MacPaw CleanMyPC
  • CCleaner
  • Avast Cleanup 

Iolo System Mechanic

Iolo System Mechanic boosts the speed of CPU, RAM, and Hard Drives and improves internet speed.


  1. Automatically boost up the speed of CPU, RAM, and Hard Drives for smooth  gaming, and streaming
  2. Finds useless programs which affect the speed of the computer
  3. Improves internet speed for fast downloads, less buffering, and improves video quality
  4. Blocks harmful system that affects the speed and stability of PC.
  5. Removes junk files and free up space for your documents like music, movies, etc


CCleaner optimizes your computer, removes all useless files from it, and makes Windows run faster by cleaning up space from the hard disk. It also tracks down your online activities like your internet history.


  1. Removes cookies from Web Browsing to clean up space in your hard disk
  2. Speed up your PC and protects your online privacy
  3. It works on Windows 8, 7 XP, Vista and clean up browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari
  4. Its new Driver’s Update upgrades your PC’s visuals, audio, and speed of the internet by eliminating software bugs
  5. Disable automatically running programs whenever you start your system and automatically update software to the latest version. This software provides many handy tools as well. Also, you can get this software at a reasonable price using CCleaner Coupon Code

Also, You can check the comparison between iolo advanced mechanic vs CCleaner to get a better result.

OneSafe PC Cleaner

OneSafe automatically detects the elements which need to be clean up and fixes any problem related to your system and makes it work smoothly as its first day.


  1. It finds and clears the junk files which takes space in the hard drives so your PC will be good as new.
  2. It protects your privacy by identifying and eliminating the risks related to the privacy of your computer and make sure that your data will be secured
  3. Fast and effective cleanup by which your system will work like new
  4. Removes unwanted files from your system
  5. Depth cleaning software that makes your computer working as good as new

MacPaw CleanMyPC

MacPaw CleanMyPC is not just a PC cleaner that is used to free up some space rather than this, it optimizes your computer, protects your privacy, manages registry issues, and much more.


  1. Scans the hard drive and detect cache files, all unwanted junk files, log files, and thrash files. Removes all these and your data and system will be safe.
  2. Your private activities information that is stored in your computer and which you clean constantly CleanMyPC finds it and removes all the data quickly
  3. Sometimes you face some annoying programs that start automatically with operating systems. For   getting rid of this just go to CleanMyPC and choose the autorun module and select programs that you want to run on your PC whenever your window is started
  4. It removes sensitive files from your computer
  5. Multi uninstaller collects all installed apps in your system in a list and allow you to remove them completely 

Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup cleans cache and junk from your system and makes them run smoothly. This tool automatically updates your software and prevents bloatware.


  1. It automatically updates your software
  2. Removes unnecessary junk files that are taking up space in  your system and make it work more efficiently
  3. Puts background running apps into a sleep mode that will improve the speed of your PC 
  4. It cleans your browser by detecting or cleaning the cache from your hard drive and fix all minor problems
  5. Optimize your hard drive to stop crashes and freezing

Conclusion: 5 Best PC Mainatenece Software

Advanced  Care System Free, Iolo System Mechanic, OneSafe PC Cleaner, MacPaw  CleanMyPC, CCleaner are the top 5 PC maintenance software. All this software helps in removing unwanted and unused files, apps from the system. They fix any problem related to your system and improves the speed and system run smoothly.   

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