5 Activities You Can Do While Staycation in Singapore

Have you ever heard about a staycation? This term is quite popular lately. Especially since the pandemic is coming when everybody is not allowed to go outside their home. Working or learning from home is fine. We don’t need to wake up early in the morning, have breakfast, and run to catch a train. We also don’t need to face traffic jams.
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When the pandemic rate is quite high, many tourist attractions are closed. Shopping malls, cinemas, zoos and playgrounds are all closed by the government rules.
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We are not even allowed to eat at the restaurant. You can buy it, but you have to eat it at home.

All of these regulations severely limit the movement of the community. Technology cannot overcome the boredom of humans who still want to socialize. Therefore, since we are not allowed to go to tourist attractions, staying at a hotel is an option to spend vacation time.

You don’t have to book a hotel room outside your living environment. If you stay in Geylang, Singapore, you can search for hotels in Geylang. I believe that the location has many great hotels. What I can recommend to you is Aqueen Hotel Paya Lebar, Champion Hotel, or Hotel Orchid. The price is really affordable and the accommodation is fine.

To keep your staycation better, here is a list of what can we do when doing a staycation:

1. Laying down in bed while doing nothing

During the workday, you have to wake up early and close your eyes late. So, this is the perfect time for you to sleep as much as you want without any disturbances. The feeling when you sleep at a hotel and at home will be different.  The hotel room is tidy, less of things, are clean, and the bed is super comfortable. You can have a really good dream there.

2. Swim at the hotel pool

When choosing a hotel, make sure the hotel where you stay has a swimming pool. Some hotels even provide a special pool for children. In addition to different pool heights, the hotel also provides free life vests and towels. You can swim at noon, evening, night, and in the morning. You are also allowed to swim more than once a day.
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Therefore, use your opportunity to swim as much as possible.

3. Free breakfast

When staying at a hotel, we don’t need to be confused about preparing breakfast. Star hotels have prepared breakfast with so many menus and choices. Starting from fruits, cereals, soup, international food, traditional food, milk, and also snacks like ice cream.

You can get as much as you need. Remember, you are not allowed to put it in a box and bring it to your room. The food is usually quite tasty, but when it’s not you can complain. What is your favorite hotel food? Mine is sausages, sushi, and the salad bar.

4. Reading a book

Too much work keeps us from doing the things we love. So, it will be fine if you want to spend your time reading a book or manga until you finish. At the hotel, you don’t have to clean the room or cook your food. You can relax and do what you love.

5. TV marathon

Five stars hotels usually provide a big and complete TV channel. So, why don’t you just lay down and watch an interesting movie? If you feel hungry, just try to order some snacks from inside or outside the hotel.

6. Gym

When was the last time you exercised? If your hotel has a gym room, you should use it. You can do a little walk or weightlifting. It will be good for your health.

Those are some activities you can do while in a staycation to make your free time better to relax your body. Planning a staycation couldn’t be easier by using Traveloka. You can book a ticket flight, a hotel, to find restaurant recommendations in this all in one application.

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