10 Questions they will ask you at Salesforce Interviews and how to answer them

Keeping up with the competition is extremely hard in the modern market, especially during these uncertain times when most companies had to reinvent how they communicate with their customers and provide services.

That is why efficient and competent CRM (Customer Relationship Management) simply cannot be overrated today. Salesforce is known for providing the most innovative, straightforward, and therefore efficient CRM solutions.

It is mainly why becoming a Salesforce Admin, or a Salesforce developer is one of the most promising career choices one could make today.

Not only is the industry developing rapidly, offering endless options for professional growth and fulfillment, but it also has some of the most competitive wages on the modern job market.

For example, the average salary of a Salesforce Developer in the US is about $144,000, which exceeds the average American wage by over 26%. And the situation is similar worldwide.

Another feature that makes Salesforce so attractive today is that it allows anyone to enter a prosperous IT industry, no matter previous academic or professional background. Today you can find offline and online courses adapted for students with different knowledge and experience in computer, science, programming, and related matters.

However, all the benefits, perspectives, and developing infrastructure mentioned above inevitably lead to the Salesforce job market becoming more and more competitive. Today`s employers don’t simply seek candidates with sufficient experience or knowledge about Salesforce itself.
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They mainly concentrate on people who can demonstrate their dedication, understanding, and efficiency in CRM.

We all know that there won’t be a second chance to make the first impression. Therefore, choosing a Salesforce training course, it is essential to pick the one that will prepare you for Salesforce certification and Salesforce interview questions with answers and provide all the necessary theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience.

In this article, we shall go over 10 questions often asked at Salesforce interviews and ways you can answer them to make a brilliant first impression and leave even more experienced candidates behind.

#1 – Name features of Salesforce

Salesforce has the following features:

  • Contact management – access to comprehensive access to data about customers` behavior and interaction history as well as their social data;
  • Opportunity management – opportunity to see customer activity timeline for efficient hassle-free communication;
  • Quote management – comprehensive information about the product, its price, quoted price, quantity in stock, product code, etc.;
  • Lead management – real-time access to lead-generating mechanisms such as social media posting, emailing to customers, and contacting prosperous customers;
  • Sales data – all the information about sales hat will allow planning sales and territories that will increase the revenue;
  • Mobility – allowing all users to access CRM data from any mobile device;
  • Workflow and approvals – using workflow to design and automate any business process;
  • Easy file synchronization and share;
  • Dynamic dashboards and reports that allow seeing how the company is performing in real-time;
  • Sales forecasting based on relevant, comprehensive data.

#2 – What is an App in Salesforce?

A Salesforce App is a container that holds all the revenant data about the company, including its name, logo, operations, etc.

Apps can be created and customized according to their purpose.

#3 – What types of Apps are there in Salesforce?

  • Console apps – only in the client service business and aimed to deal with client-related issues;
  • Custom apps – created for solving various business tasks. They can also be changed and adjusted according to the current market situation.

#4 – What is the difference between role and profile in Salesforce?

  • Role – concentrates on data visibility for particular users and provides features to control accessibility through impacting reports;
  • Profile – determines what precisely each user can do in the organization.

#5 – What is Apex in Salesforce?

Apex in Salesforce is an object-oriented programming language that:

  • Permits developers to execute flow and transactions;
  • Allows adding and adjustment of the business logic of system events.

#6 – What are permission sets?

Permission sets are a collection of settings and tools that widen each user`s functionality by giving them access to various tools and functions.

#7 – What are record types in Salesforce and their benefits?
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Record types in Salesforce allow associating different business processes with users` profile types.

The main benefits of record types are:

  • Simple administration with fewer fields to maintain;
  • Modification of user experience according to the company`s needs.

#8 – What is Fiscal Year in Salesforce?

The fiscal year (also called the economical year) is the period during which annual financial statements are calculated. The fiscal year frame is based on the starting and ending date of a company’s financial year.

#9 – Name Fiscal Year types.

There are 2 types of the fiscal year in Salesforce:

  • Standard fiscal year – counting the time frame according to the Gregorian calendar. In this case, a fiscal year can begin with every first day of the first month;
  • Custom fiscal year – meant for companies that base their forecasting quarterly, weekly, etc. In this case, you can have 4 periods in your fiscal year if it is counted quarterly or 52 periods for weekly forecasting.

#10 – What is sharing rule in Salesforce?

A sharing rule is applied when a user needs to give access to other users to the data. It allows to distinguish certain users according to their features and provide them a more advanced or vice versa restricted access. Sharing rule requires adjustment of the organization-wide sharing settings.

Final Thoughts.

As you see, once some of the Salesforce those Interview questions are pretty theoretical, others may require a certain level of advanced expertise and practical skills.

CRS Info Solutions is one of the training programs that has noticed this trend on the Salesforce job market and therefore complemented their courses with a sufficient amount of practical assignments. Eventually, each student can demonstrate skills, experience, and expertise levels comparable to those of an experienced Salesforce Admin interview questions or Developer interview questions.

Becoming a Salesforce professional can be a thrilling adventure that will allow you to reveal your expertise and skills and reach your financial goals and professional ambitions. However, it is essential to choose a training program that will provide you with all the necessary tools, prepare for Salesforce certification, and interview to become the first step on your glorious career path.

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