Why should you choose a good distribution partner?

Your goods have been neatly shelved, and your ecommerce site is live. Now you must find out how to get your products to clients physically. This means to get your goods out into the marketplace, you’ll need to work with a distributor; however, it is easier said than done when it comes to distribution.

You will need to find the right distribution partner to help your business grow its sales and revenue. This will free up more of your time, thereby lowering costs and assisting the company in entering new markets. This article will outline the importance of having a distribution partner for the success of a business.

What exactly is a distribution partner?

A distribution partner collaborates with a merchant to get the merchant’s goods into a marketplace or into the hands of consumers who bought the products.

But, because each sales channel has its own distribution model, distribution partners may provide various services based on which sales channels a merchant uses. For instance, in retail distribution, distribution partners manage the logistics of delivering products into stores or to wholesalers. On the other hand, when it comes to e-commerce channels, distributors help to focus on fulfilling, processing and shipping orders to final users.

Here are several important reasons why distributors make great business partners:

1. Ensure great product performance

Because distributors are in frequent communication with store owners, they are aware of whether or not your product is selling. They run checks and pull-out data on the performance of your product so as to fine-tune your distribution and marketing efforts.

2. Facilitate greater fulfilment

In today’s global e-commerce industry, distributors must be able to ship all across the¬†country and globe promptly and cost-effectively for your firm. By choosing a proper international distributor for your business, you will help your company gain a better reach. International distributors such as DHL Express possess a large network of fulfilment centres where orders are processed, selected, packed, and made ready for shipping. They help in making international shipping an easier and hassle-free process.

3. Provide good infrastructure

Effective fulfilment and distribution necessitate a level of service that most small firms lack. A well-established distributor, on the other hand, will have already made the necessary investments. The right partner will not only have the essentials, but also additional capabilities, equipment and resources to help their partners achieve high-quality fulfilment and distribution.

4. Increased manpower

When you engage with a distributor, you can tap into and benefit from their vast resources. Distributors communicate with store owners on a daily basis, saving you time. It’s priceless not to have to call store owners to request shelf space, verify product availability or follow product performance.

5. Offer scalability

The appropriate distribution partner will be able to open up new doors for your business and help it expand into new locations, markets and channels.

DHL Express can be a lot more than just a delivery service. While this express shipping company assists in the distribution of e-commerce orders throughout the globe, they also provide a detailed fulfilment solution for e-commerce businesses to help them manage inventory, oversee shipping and distribution, and process orders all from a single platform.

MyDHL+, a DHL shipping platform, provides effective solutions to customers that make overseas shipping more seamless, efficient and managed.

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