What You Need to Know About Vacuum Cleaner

Dirt and dust often find their way into our homes through the windows, doors, or even carried on our clothes as we are coming home. However, with the invention of a vacuum cleaner, the solution for dust in our houses is solved.
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This article explains the features and working of a vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner is a device that sucks dust particles from floors, draperies, upholstery, and other surfaces. The device is electronic thus, it uses electricity during functioning. Below are some of the features that make the device attractive for use.

Off and on switch for brush toll

Though the brush role is good during the vacuuming of the carpet, it can cause great damage to hard floor surfaces. However, the option of a switch-off button for the roll is a great advantage and extends the span of life of the vacuum.

Retractable cord

This is often found on canisters or small vertical vacuums than the full-sized ones. It allows the operator to let the cord retract automatically into the washer. If you happen to find it hard to roll up the cord, then worry no more as this feature does it for you. You should also be aware that vacuum washersthat have retractable cords, have the length of the cord shorter, compared to other vacuum cleaners.
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Crevice tool

It is oftenthin at the extreme ends. This is done to allow it to penetrate small surfaces, upholstery furniture, along edges, and in corners. Not only does a crevice tool used to clean homes but also cars.

Variable power setting

The feature is mostly set aside for the high-end vacuum washers. Variable power setting permits the operator to select the suction level based on the surface floor being worked. For delicate floors like rugs, a lower level of suction is set as compared to rough surfaces where a high level of suction is applied.

Upholstery tool

The upholstery is a great add-on to use on window treatments like curtains, drapes, and others. Upholsteries are good tools when vacuuming mattresses and sturdy upholstery. The tool doesn’t have bristles, but could have finely surfaced edging design that allow airflow as well as providing movement alongside the surface.

Dusting brush

Dust brushes often come with angled bristles that are intended for sweeping and forcing dust into its tube. They are among the great features for vacuuming rough surfaces, upholstery, and delicate areas. With such features, the Vacuum Cleaner Nairobi has become a must want by many homeowners and offices.


  • Saves time and energy
  • Easy to use
  • Removes allergens from breathing air
  • Removes pet hair
  • Vacuum cleaners come with advanced features.


  • Heavy to lift
  • Running electricity bill
  • No reusable Dustin bags


The era of staying in full dust places is now over, with the invention of a vacuum cleaner, everything is now sorted out. Above are some of the key features of a better vacuum cleaner and now it’s upon the client to choose from the above. For more, check

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