What Can Address Verification Do for My Business

BatchData software offers automated address verification, a service that can benefit a wide variety of businesses. In fact, if you don’t have verification software already, you’re at a disadvantage, as your competitors likely have their own. The effects of address verification are varied, and you may be surprised by a few.

Increase Consumer Conversion

Placing an online order means filling out several forms. For customers, the process can be long, confusing and boring. If it’s too much, site visitors may abandon their carts altogether.
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That means you lost a valuable conversion an inch from the finish line.

Address verification software makes the checkout process simpler and faster. As users type in their addresses, the system offers suggestions to select. Once they do, the software autocompletes the form, cutting down on time and inconvenience.

Keep Your Database Updated

Having a clean database is essential for every business. Customer data paints a picture of your base and informs a variety of decisions:

  • How to market
  • Where to open a new location
  • How to improve delivery

If you have mistyped or fake addresses in your database, it skews your decisions. Address verification ensures your information is accurate.

Save Time

Address verification software performs an essential service in a fraction of the time required to do so manually. Additionally, the systems update automatically, ensuring that you still have the correct information for deliveries and databases as landscapes change and individuals move.

Save Money

Returned and lost items can be a huge loss for companies. Ensuring you send orders to the right place means you don’t have to worry about sending another product or refunding customers. It also decreases the risk of bad reviews affecting future sales.

Increase Productivity

The best address verification software is extremely easy to use and takes on the burden of tedious tasks. As a result, your employees can devote their time to more complex issues.
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When your workforce focuses on projects that yield tangible outcomes, you see increased profits.

Improve Customer Experience

One of the biggest issues e-commerce companies face is delayed or returned packages. An incorrect address can prevent orders from reaching their destination, which means unhappy customers. Verification ensures you have the correct address before you put the order together.
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Ensure Localization

Many companies rely on localization, as they have an area of service. For example, plumbers usually serve cities within a specific radius of their location.
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Anything beyond that costs more than it would pay.

Address verification ensures customers are where they say they are. If a user inputs a location beyond your service area, you know right away and can reject the request or suggest another one of your stores.

Prevent Fraud

Unfortunately, some people who order from e-commerce sites have no intention of paying for the products. Scammers use fake addresses to obfuscate their real location, allowing them to run their schemes without intervention.
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Verification can flag suspicious transactions and save your company from fraud.

Address and phone verification have become a standard among e-commerce businesses. If you do any shipping or online ordering, it’s time to contract these services.

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