Things To Do Before Calling The Towing Services

No matter how careful the drivers are when riding along the highways or the backroads, there is a small possibility of getting into a mishap. Although preparation goes a long way from getting into trouble, there’s no telling what can happen on the road. In case such an incident or an accident happens, the first thing that the car owner needs to do is to call the nearest tow trucks in Brisbane and get the damaged vehicle off the road and into the repair shop. But before giving the towing services a heads-up, do these things first before getting the vehicle towed. 

  1. Getting All The Personal Items Out: This includes credit cards, wallets, purses, keys, clearing the dashboards and taking out everything that might be valuable or important. It’ll be difficult to retrieve them in case the car gets towed and towing services can misplace them or lose them during the whole process. Do understand that towing services don’t assume responsibility for any personal items in the vehicle. Most towing trucks come with smaller vehicles for the passengers to help them reach their location. 
  2. Call The Insurance Company: Accidents in Brisbane occur due to a variety of reasons and some may even involve legal interventions too. Whatever the case may be, if the car gets totalled, get in touch with the insurance company to file a claim. Call up the agency and ask them what needs to be done and ask them about any additional paperwork that needs to be accomplished before filing. Give them a detailed overview of the incident, what happened and how bad the damage is to prevent any unnecessary confusion during the time of claiming.
  3. Proof Of Damage: It’s a good idea to take photos and videos of the damage for the insurance company and also to ensure that the tow trucks in Brisbane don’t cause any additional damages to the vehicle. The proof of damage will also come in handy if it’s a collision with an oncoming vehicle and the car owner can use the photos and videos in court. 
  4. Call The Local Law Enforcement: Call up the local law enforcement like the highway patrol and tell them about the accident. If there’s serious debris in the middle of the road, the police can block the highway or the road and keep the area safe from the other incoming traffic. Calling the family or close friends can also help to do away with the jitters or the tension. 
  5. Hire Reputed Towing Services: Hire towing services that are trusted, licensed and capable of getting the job done. Instead of searching for the right service at the time of the accident, it’s better to keep a list of towing services handy. Ask for recommendations from the insurance provider or friends and keep a list of the best towing services in and around Brisbane. Do some online searches to make sure that they are well worth the money. Also, ensure that they have insurance and other necessary documentation. 

Get the tow truck drivers’ contact details and inform them as to where the vehicle should be dropped. If it’s a legal matter, then the vehicle might be dropped off at the pound. Otherwise, the owner can ask the driver to drop the vehicle at a nearby repair shop or vehicle lot. Unless the law enforcement asks them to do so, towing services cannot drop the vehicle as and when they wish without prior confirmation from the vehicle owner. Make sure that the parking brake is not engaged to prevent the tires from dragging and turn on the towing lights too. 


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