The game changer for raising your kids well

If it wasn’t for the fuss about sleeping and eating, parenting would be a piece of cake. Because kids are fun and funny at the same time, so you can never get bored watching them discover the world. You can even learn a thing or two about how it is to wonder, be amazed, laugh out loud, dream with your eyes wide open and so on.
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It is just because life is so interesing for them that they don’t enjoy sleeping, it must seem like a waste of time one could use better. So it’s no wonder that the mere concept of going to bed changes even the most patient and understading kid into a little monster, revolting and fighting. This is why everyone needs a weighted blanket for kids Because it is the only thing that can guarantee that, once you got them into the bed, they will stay there and sleep all through the night. As S.F. as it may seem, it is something that you’ll not have a hard time believing once you understand its mechanism. The simple fact that the blanket, by just being heavy, applies pressure all over the body, improves sleep duration and its quality. It offers a sense of security, as if you are protected by a magic cape of some sort, to use a metaphor children will certainly apreciate and understand more.

I mentioned the Hazli products as they are in the top range of their niche. They have a special composition, with three layers, 100% breathable cotton filled with hypo-allergenic micro glass beads and one layer of microfiber, a guarantee for their 100% efficiency, as the triple layer ensures a constant body temperature and prevents beads leakage for a perfect weight distribution.

There is one thing I, as a mom, like the most – the fact that you can buy from them a weighted blanket for kids with removable cover, one you can machine wash whenever needed. There’s a completely different thing my daughter liked the most about it – the colour range that allowed her to choose something to go along with the fairytale theme of her room (she’s in that stage where everything has to be the exact same colour, otherwise everything is ruined and life itself is not worth living anymore…)

I didn’t know many people who had a weighted blanket back then, so we’ve tried it a little anxiously, but with amazing results. I spread the word and now I have tons of friends using the products, not one of them disappointed, and let me tell you – some of their kids had real trouble falling asleep before this discovery. It is just universally efficient, as it answer an ancestral need written in our DNA.
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If you don’t trust me, remember all horror movies you ever watched, where children would hide under the blanket to avoid any evil monster or threat.
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So, now that I have not only discovered, but also shared and promoted the secret to having a kid who goes to sleep with no fuss and doesn’t wake up until the next morning, I am currently waiting for something to revolutionise meal times similarly and I will dare to have a football team of kids without any fears.

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