Preparation for class 9 board exam

Class 9 is a very important stage in a student’s life. Class 9 is not taken into consideration in the board exams, but it forms the base of everything that follows. To understand the various concepts and topics in the syllabus of Class 10 and even Class 11 and 12, a student needs to have a strong foundation and understanding of the syllabus of Class 9. Also, for cracking challenging exams like Olympiads one needs to have proper knowledge of the Class 9 syllabus. One must, therefore, take Class 9 preparation seriously. 

Class 9 syllabus includes in-depth information on the topics. Students can effectively plan their strategy and dedicate their time for the preparation.
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The syllabus of Class 9 also includes the marks’ distribution of all chapters in the book.
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For the students who are relying on their last-minute preparation, important questionnaires and various study materials work great. Students can even practise sample papers for all subjects, that is, Mathematics, Science, Hindi, English and Social Science to strengthen their preparations. In this article, we will discuss in detail the various preparation tips.



For scoring good marks In Science, one must understand each and every concept of Biology, Chemistry and Physics from the NCERT textbooks. In case it is difficult to understand any topic, the students can use online resources. Making notes while studying can also help in revision later on. Learning important definitions, experiments, short descriptions, reactions, equations, formulas, etc. is an essential part. Solving the questions at the end of the chapters is recommended for testing one’s progress. Biology and Physics need special attention as the concepts need a clear understanding and will be used in further classes too.

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Social Science

To score good marks In Social Science, subjects like History, Geography, and Civics one need to have the habit of reading thoroughly and remember a lot of terms and names. NCERT textbooks include important things (like a year, name of rivers, etc.) that are recommended to learn thoroughly while studying. Revising them regularly is necessary. Maintaining notes is important as these subjects often need a bit of writing. Economics is newly added to the 9th standard, so it is equally important to focus on the new area of learning.


English and Hindi/Sanskrit are easy subjects. Referring to the NCERT textbooks will be sufficient for the literature subjects. For grammar, using some standard reference books as having a strong fundamental knowledge of grammar will be very helpful in the future. The writing part needs special attention as it contains a good amount of marks.
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It includes letter writing, poster making, notice writing, report writing, essay writing and many more. One should practice at least one writing skill in order to improve their writing section. Regular practice will develop the student’s thinking ability, speed and accuracy and also help the student to think out creative ideas every time.


Mathematics is a very scoring subject in any standard. The only required thing to do is a regular practice. Once a new concept is learned, it must be put into consistent practice for better understanding. Math is completely based on logical thinking and formulas. So, to score well in Mathematics, all we need is to be good at the formulas and concepts applied in the subject. Maintaining a chapter-wise list of all important formulas, theorems and axioms will help us to easily revise them every second or third day.

General tips for preparation

  • For any preparation, NCERT books are always the best material to focus on. It is, therefore, necessary to be thorough with all the NCERT books. These books are published in the most simple language and explain very tough and complex concepts in an integrated form which ensures better understanding for the students.
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  • Revision is very important while preparing. One should revise daily or every week to avoid faded knowledge and information in their minds.
  • There are exercises included at the end of every chapter in the NCERT textbooks. Solving them is very important as well as beneficial for a student because sometimes the board exam picks questions directly from the exercise questions.
  • Various sample papers and practice papers are available which could be solved regularly to track the progress of the students. It will also help the students to know their weak parts. For reference, we have attached CBSE Sample Question Papers Class 9 for the students to practice.
  • Students should allocate extra hours on their weak parts to learn the concepts more accurately and effectively.
  • Whenever any doubt comes to mind, clearing it immediately is the only way to succeed. Doubts will occur if we are studying. And if we don’t clear it immediately then we will struggle to understand the rest of the concept.
  • Continuous study for long hours can make the student feel exhausted. They might also lose concentration that will lead to poor understanding. Therefore, small breaks of about 10 to 15 minutes are necessary after every 2 hours of studying. This will keep the student active and refreshed. It will also result in better concentration and hence less time will be consumed while understanding.
  • The environment matters a lot while studying. If there are a lot of noises or distractions around then it will be difficult to concentrate. So choosing the right place to study is equally important.
  • Almost 7 to 8 hours of sleep is necessary to keep a mind healthy. So, one should never mug up their sleep routine.
  • Getting involved in some physical activities can also show great results in staying active and hence better learning. One can go out for a walk, spend an hour playing outdoor games, and many more.
  • Last but not the least, staying positive is the most important factor while preparing for any exam. It boosts up the confidence level along with the determination to score more. 

Putting in practice the above-mentioned tips, one can surely score good marks enough to top any exam. Consistent effort and hard work is the only way to succeed in the long run.

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