How to make a great work instructions

It can be hard, but also easy, writing great work instructions Use these guidelines to create really good instructions that others can easily work with.

Provide detailed descriptions.

The use of ambiguous terms such as “item,” “piece,” and “thing” results in muddled instructions. If you don’t know what to call a part, use Google or a friend to assist you figure it out. Gadgets can contain a wide range of intricate components; describing a component as “this thing” isn’t going to assist anyone.

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Use illustrations to help the reader understand what you’re saying.

As far as feasible, the object’s orientation should be maintained throughout the instructions.
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This makes it easier for the reader to locate the components of their own gadget. If you rotate your unit, include a statement such as “Turn the unit over” or “Turn the unit 90 degrees clockwise” to encourage the reader to do the same.


An instruction of any kind is a thousand times better than none at all. The following suggestions are suggestions rather than rules. We, too, have been known to forget to apply them all or to go back and change a manual afterwards. We’re all human, and we’re all going to make errors. Don’t worry if the instructions aren’t excellent right first. They will improve with time. Be a trailblazer!

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Take excellent photographs.

People will be more likely to read your work instructions if you have good photographs. To capture nice images, you don’t need expensive equipment. Before you begin your picture shoot, take a few minutes to go over our photography guide.

Text should be used to supplement photographs.

Both the photos and the text should be complementary.
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Textual explanations can be clarified by more visuals, and vice versa.

Keep the background information to a minimum.

It’s helpful to include some context, such as why you’re doing this, who the work instruction is for, and what someone needs to accomplish the tasks. But don’t go any further! Most Internet users aren’t interested in reading a book before attempting a repair (when was the last time you read the owner’s work instruction for your television?).

Include hyperlinks.

Your best buddy is a link. Consult any relevant materials available on the site.

Keep it up to date.

We all enjoy stories like your great-grandmother putting ice cream in her purse (true story! ), but there is a time and place for them. It’s not in the middle of a maintenance manual.
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Provide useful information.

Including relevant information gives your work instruction authority.

Simply put, express yourself.

If people don’t comprehend what you’re talking about, they won’t utilize your work instructions.
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Make use of the right characters.

When you employ indicator signs like warnings or reminders poorly, you might generate a lot of confusion. Before you use a sign, be sure you know what it means.
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If you’re unsure, go with the simple bullet!

Include diagrams.

In certain circumstances, photos and text are insufficient to convey all of the necessary information. Adding a schematic or two (as a photo) will be beneficial.

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