How to Get Through a Tough Work Week

Whether we’re returning to the office after a stint of working remotely, never left, or are slowly losing our minds while working from home, one thing has never changed. Some weeks are just plain rough.

It’s very easy to lose sight of self-care while working hard, but ultimately the sole responsibility of self-care is upon yourself. That’s probably why you’ve clicked onto this article after all! Let’s take a look at what we can do to take on the toughest workweeks our careers can throw at us.

Set Clear Goals

Let’s first focus on the likely root of the problem – everything is falling apart and it’s up to you to fix it. Nothing new, right?  Nevertheless, it can be straight-up overwhelming, and when that happens it can be easy to overlook small details while everything else turns into a monumental beast.

Take a step back and organize your next steps. You can do this with everything from a spreadsheet to a series of post-it notes, depending on the complexity of your work. Once you have your tasks arrayed out and reduced to their individual parts, you can sort them out in order of their importance, you can then write out exactly what you need to do to get them processed and completely out of the way.

This compartmentalizes the challenges ahead and turns them into easily digestible steps, taking the most ferocious lions and making them into a pile of kittens you can pick up and put in the appropriate place.
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Practicing good planning can help you move forward and reduce stressful situations in the future. Try using a physical planner or digital tools, such as the scheduling and calendar services which may be attached to your email systems.

You can also create optimized systems to make these individual aspects more efficient, such as managing communications with an SMS marketing community. After all, it’s about working smarter – not harder!

Take Care of Yourself

When taking on a rough week, you’ve got to take care of your mind and body more than usual. Stress can – simply put – upset a lot of delicate internal balances. This can wreck your nervous system, your muscles, and even your blood sugar. Not only do these things affect how you feel internally, but they can also change how you look. Acne breakouts, stress hives, and even fine lines and wrinkles can be a surefire sign of stress, just as much as headaches and anxiety.

One thing that will help to keep your skin radiant and glowing is to support its natural biome. Your skin is a living thing and requires its own natural balance of microbes to stay optimally healthy, almost like an ecosystem.
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If you don’t know
how to improve skin microbiome, there are several great products and regimens to keep it healthy if your stress or current cleaning style has left your skin in poor shape.

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You can also support your skin and overall health by ensuring that you stay hydrated and nourished. However, it can be hard to make sure you’re getting all your necessary vitamins and minerals if you’re too busy busting out your work. One surefire trick is to introduce a chlorophyll shot into your diet to give your body that bright, sun-fuelled kick of energy and nutrients that it needs after being run ragged with stress. And don’t worry, it’s a shot that you drink, no scary needles or doctors needed! 

Learn to Say No

Sometimes we have to face that we can sabotage ourselves by helping others and become a crutch that others may lean on. Healthy boundaries are key to creating boundaries, and this applies to work as much as intimate relationships.

When others come to you for assistance while you are already overburdened, it pays to be open and transparent. You don’t immediately have to rebuff anyone who comes your way, but when you explain why you can’t help – there’s no way anyone can possibly be mad.
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Who knows, after all, if your work is on a higher priority there is a chance that you may wind up getting much-needed support – or even coordinate a collaborative effort to better undertake the challenges your team faces. After all, it’s best to face challenges together than alone.

You may want to also practice ignoring the FoMO – the ‘Fear of Missing Out’.  While a night out of partying with friends may seem like a good distraction for you, oftentimes the recovery from these outings can crash into your workday. Try opting for a pleasant lunch out, or even having a spa day instead to help keep yourself charges and ready.

Get the Most Out of Your Sleep

Stress is a burden on your mind and body, but it can also interfere with your sleep. Making sure you are getting the most out of your rest and recuperation can be a key part of taking on a tough week – planned or otherwise.

One of the first steps you should do is to begin practicing something called sleep hygiene – and it is about as boring as it sounds. But give it a chance, and you’ll find that you’ve been sorely missing out on some of the best rest you’ve gotten. Modern technology and practices have infiltrated so much of our lives that we can’t remember a time where we didn’t have them interfering with our sleep cycles.

One of the first and most important steps is to reduce your screen time. That means no phones or computer screens for a few hours before your intended bedtime. This is because the light from the screens can disrupt our brain’s natural rhythm to determine when to sleep. You’ll also want to avoid any extra caffeine in the afternoon. 

You can also pursue the significantly less boring route of making sure your sleeping environment is the best that it can be. That includes learning how to fix a sagging mattress so that your bed remains the most comfortable place on the planet!

Remind Yourself of Your Goals

When the work gets stressful, it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture. Take a breather to think of what you gain from your work. Is the work fulfilling? Does the company support personal goals or messages which you stand for?

Performing an inventory on these things can better put your stress into perspective when you see the long-term goals or efforts being made. Alternatively, they may help you come to the decision that you might need to reevaluate the direction of your life and find a new meaning in your effort.

Whatever results you see, it’s important to always follow your heart!

Remember to Meditate

We often think of a room filled with the thrum of exotic instruments while an instructor silently guides a group in hopes of finding some kind of enlightenment. However, meditation can be performed on the fly and in all kinds of situations.
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There are also many ways you can use it to find your calm while mired in the thick of things. Some techniques are to repeat a simple mantra and focus on the words while tuning everything else out.

Others are to find the ultimate sense of quiet or stillness through calming the mind or even just thinking of joyful situations or settings. 

You Do You, Boo

This list was probably as long as the week you’re having, but the most important thing to take away from it is to find what works for you. Make yourself happy – get the most out of the surroundings you have already, or even help yourself feel your best.

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You only have one life, and its up to you to live it to the maximum each and every day.

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