How To Design Your Cafe Interiors On A Small Budget

Do you want to open your own cafe on a small budget? Have you been shying away from the idea of running a cafe because you don’t have enough finances? If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place. Here, we will tell you some low budget interior design ideas to give a chic look to your cafe. So, read on to know some budget-friendly ways to find a perfect cafe fit out you will love.

Pick A Theme

The success of your cafe depends on the customers’ experience. And, the theme you choose can make or break the game. While delicious food and a cup of energizing coffee is a prerequisite, picking the right theme for the cafe can make a difference.

Based on the brand, budget, and location, you can pick from any of the following themes-

Modern or Minimalist

Nowadays, the minimalist theme is gaining popularity. It includes smooth color tones, fine lines, smooth edges, and light colors to contrast with any color or decor piece. It is one of the best low budget themes you can consider. 

Just keep in mind that going minimalist demands a lot of details. You need to take care of every little thing in order to shine. If you go with minimalism, you can use the neutral surroundings as menu boards to grab the customers’ attention. 


If you want to provide the customers with mid-western experience, go with a rustic theme. The cafes following this theme often use coir popes, metallic pipes, and rough decor to style the cafe. The commonly used colors include black, white, tan, etc.

Additionally, you can also opt for mid-century style decor that uses bright colors, ergonomic furniture, bar stools, or wooden themes to make the cafe look appealing. Want to know more about choosing a cafe theme? Get cool ideas from commercial interiors designers

Choose The Right Decor Pieces

Accent pieces, like paintings, cutlery, plants, centrepieces, etc. provide the guests with an immersive experience. All these things won’t cause a hole in your pocket, and help you stick to your budget. Below are some more low-budget ideas to make your cafe look stylish.

Pay Attention To The Walls

Furniture and walls are the most noticed areas in a cafe. You don’t have to spend dollars on buying costly eye-catching pieces to decorate the cafe walls. From murals, frames to the walls plastered with torn pieces of old newspapers, there are so many fun, cost-effective ways to make the walls Instagram-ready. 

If all these ideas confuse you, or the ideas don’t match your theme, you can leave the walls plastered to give brick-like texture. If you have chosen rustic theme, go with abstract hues or patterns. For minimalist decor, choose something minimal, like foliage photos, frames, or architecture.

Furthermore, for a mid-century look, choose photos with bright colors to display the entire color palette. You can contrast these things with neutral colored walls.

Add Plants Or Foliage

With people becoming aware harmful effects of pollution, adding indoor plants and foliage to cafes is a growing trend. It is a wonderful, low-cost addition that will go well with any decor style. You can include plants, like ferns, dumb canes, etc. as green decorative pieces.

Low-Cost Centerpieces

Though centrepieces are avoided in cafes, you can add them to spread the cozy warmth of winter or holidays. You don’t have to look for expensive centrepieces to increase the curb appeal of your cafe. Instead, you can choose DIY items for the purpose. For example, a clean glass jar filled with string lights. Or, you can simply use LED candles to create a festival vibe.

Lighting Gives A Wonderful Aesthetic Appeal

Choose overhead lights, like Edison lamps or incandescent bulbs to create an aesthetic appeal. Whatever your cafe theme is, these lighting pieces will make the place more inviting. The best thing is, these lights come in a variety of sizes and shapes. From table lamps to chandeliers, you can pick any you like the most. In addition to using the lights to adorn the ceilings or tables, you can also use them to decorate the foliage or centerpieces.

These are some of the low-budget design ideas for your cafe interiors. Hopefully, this information will help you get some insights into how to decor or style your cafe.

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