Garcinia and an overview of its features

Garcinia appears to be a small but medium sized tree that is found in South East Asia and India. The main component of the fruit is HCA that is used to manufacture medicine. People often end up confusing Garcinia with the resin of it. They opt for it to reduce weight loss, to enhance bowel movements or even to treat any form of parasites. Before you are purchasing garcinia dietary supplement you need to be aware of such traits.

It is known to contain HCA and research indicates it prevents any form of fat storage, ensures exercise endurance or controls appetite. But their impact on human beings is not clear.
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Most of the experts suggest that consuming it would lead to a small tinge of weight loss. Though you need to be aware about the formulation and dosage quantities before consuming it.

Effectiveness and use

There is insufficient evidence to be rating the effectiveness

  • Weight loss- when it comes to weight loss the impact of the ingredient would be inconsistent. Research indicates if you take HCA which is about 50 % and that is for around 8 to 12 weeks. It is not going to decrease the fat count or any form of energy expenditure in overweight people. But some experts suggests if you take it for 12 weeks at a single go it may improve weight loss. The Garcinia product would contain 60 % HCA as this is for around 60 minutes on an average. It needs to be before meals for 8 weeks on an average. Though some research suggests if you add this product to tomato juice before dinner or lunch for a couple of weeks is not going to aid in weight loss. The reasons for inconsistent results could be formulation of the extract or it may be inconsistent amount of the ingredient
  • Joint pain
  • Performance of exercise- if you are taking a chemical component of Garcinia, it is known as HCA gives an idea on how an untrained women could exercise. It is not going to benefit men in the same manner

Side effects

An oral consumption might lead to severe side effects. Reports have emerged where people have complained of serious liver damage after consumption of the fruit. Though it is not clear whether the side effects are due to the consumption of the fruit or other factors could be the reasons behind this. The common mild side effects include digestion, nausea, some form of discomfort or headache.

Warnings and special precautions

Not a lot of information exists if you are consuming Garcinia when you are pregnant or breast feeding. Still it is better to be on the safe side and not use the product. it may end up harming your liver as instances of liver damage worsening have also emerged. If you are suffering from any liver disease you should not be using it


When it comes to the correct amount of dosage it would be dependent upon the age, health or numerous other conditions. Till this point of time there is no precise evidence to indicate what should be the prescribed dose of Garcinia. Do take note of the fact that natural products are not always safe as proper amount of dosage could turn out to be important. Make sure that you comply with the relevant instructions on the product label or be it any other healthcare professional before you are using it.

Among the numerous brands the dosage quantity would vary. A general suggestion is to take 500 mg per day and it would be an hour before lunch. It is better if you comply with the restrictions on the label. Positive interactions are like to emerge if you consume it before 30 minutes to 60 minutes of consuming the drug. If you consume it before meals you may formulate a ritual around it.
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More the consistency in terms of the product the better results you may witness.

Some research suggests it is safe for people in recommended doses and it can be close to 2800 HCA per day. But do take note about the side effects of the drug before you consume it.
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The benefits

  • Reduction of appetite- research indicates suppression of your appetite and would make you full. Though research is not clear but the active ingredient is bound to increase serotonin in the brain. The higher levels of it is going to trim down your appetite. The effect would be dependent upon each individual.
  • Diabetes- people who would be suffering from type 2 diabetes and after consumption of the fruit it is bound to reduce the appetite. Since it is known to reduce inflammation it would enhance the sensitivity of insulin. Now you may combine it with a reduction of body weight along with other factors it could have a major impact on people who tend to be diabetic. Even it works wonders for people who would be suffering from metabolic issues.
  • Enhanced energy levels- Most individuals who have consumed this fruit has gone on to report higher energy levels. It is not going to influence weight in a direct way. But if you are active during the day you tend to feel energized and resort to exercise.
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    If this is the case then the supplement may break down a lot of calories. The more amount of calories that you burn it would be easy to lose weight. It is going to be the case when you combine the ingredient with a healthy diet.

To sum up things Garcinia cambogia is extracted from fruit and their main purpose is to aid in weight loss. Though studies are not precise when it comes to how effective it may be for human beings. A reason for the same is that most of the studies are undertaken on animals and limited scope of study exists in human beings. A suggestion is if you are looking to trim down weight adopt other measures. This can be in the form of a healthy diet and exercise.

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