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Manufacturers struggle to draw a line between their home entertainment and desktop replacement lines, but that line is rapidly disappearing.
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The key design goal of Computer Repairs Melbourne is to come as close as possible to the performance and capacities of desktop PCs without sacrificing portability. This results in heavier laptops that draw more power, have shorter battery lives, and often sport outrageously large screens.
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The assumption behind desktop replacements is that they will usually be placed on a reasonably sturdy desk or table, plugged into the wall, and stay in the same place most of the day. But, unlike desktop PCs, you can actually take these on the bus or the plane if you need to, and specially designed backpacks and rolling luggage are making this a more practical option.

For the salesperson who travels by car and sets up shop in a motel room every night, it is the next best thing to bringing his entire office with him. Desktop replacement users will often opt for a port replicator. A port replicator is the poor man’s version of a docking station, and port replicators sold by the manufacturer often use the docking station connector.
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Aftermarket port replicators that use the PC card slot or USB port can’t offer quite as much functionality, but they are portable between systems and may meet your needs better. Port replicators allow you to connect USB devices, a keyboard, mouse, wired network, etc, by plugging them into the port replicator rather than attaching four or five cables to the laptop.
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That way, when you want to take the laptop to the coffee shop, you only have to pull one connection, and you’re on your way. Desktop replacements are priced in the $800 to $2000 range.

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