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It’s hard to believe, but 2022 is here and with it, a host of new challenges and tasks. For many, one of those tasks or challenges might just be finding a better plan for their cell phone once their current contract is up. If you are looking for some of the most functional and affordable smartphone plans for this year, we’ve done all the legwork for you.

We’ve got some of the best phone plans lined up here for you to compare, with offerings from some of the biggest names in reliable, nationwide cell service. Depending on what’s available in your area, you should have access to at least one or more of the providers offering the plans listed here. 

What Matters in a Cell Phone Plan

When you’re shopping for a new cell phone plan, you’re getting ready to make a significant financial decision, so knowing how to make the most of that decision is important. You will need to know how much data you use, check prices, dig into any additional fees, and possibly most importantly, make sure your area has coverage.

Your data usage will be important to know, in case the plan provider has any limitations or caps on data usage. You may find out that you don’t even need the constantly-advertised unlimited data plans that so many carriers have, so you can save money on your plan.

Cell phone companies are notorious for adding on extra fees that were never advertised, once you’re in the store and getting a phone line set up. Be sure your potential carrier is being straightforward and truthful about your plan, and make sure you’re clear on all of the pertinent details of the plan. This includes things like data surcharges or slowdowns, periodic price increases, and more.

Finally, before you finalize anything, be sure that your area or the place where you’ll be using the phone the majority of the time, has service. Most carriers will have a tool for you to enter a street address, or even just a ZIP code, and get a summary of the coverage situation in that location. The last thing you want is to sign up for a great plan while living in the middle of a dead zone for the carrier.

The Best Phone Plans For 2022

Verizon Wireless

Verizon is one of the leaders in high-speed cell phone plans for most of the country. Their unlimited plans include 4G & 5G coverage, unlimited talk and text across North America and Mexico, spam call blocker, and lots more. They have some of the most extensive nationwide networking infrastructures, but one of the downsides is that they are often one of the more expensive options. In most cases, they will also require a contract for at least two years.

Mint Mobile

Mint mobile is making waves in the unlimited data cell phone market, due to its low cost and it being bought by Ryan Reynolds. They are out to make low-cost wireless service great, by providing solid service with no limits, and not charging much for it. They don’t have tons of perks, but they do offer solid cell phone plans for about half as much as Verizon and other major carriers.

Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity is another one of the big names in wireless plans, but they aren’t generally ideal if you only need one or two lines. Xfinity is a great solution for families that need several lines, and they have unlimited plans that can bring the cost per line down to just $30 per month when 4 lines are maintained on the account. They do have a limit of 20GB per line of unthrottled data, after which the data speeds will be reduced.


T-Mobile is one of the best carriers for performance, and they offer a plan called T-Mobile Magenta MAX, and while it can get a little pricey, it also offers amazing speed and performance for up to 4 lines. It offers 4K streaming ability, 40GB of 4G mobile hotspot data, and speeds that won’t be throttled based on usage.

The plans are monthly, and even have provisions for usage abroad if you venture outside the US from time to time. If you’re over 55, you can even get your own version of their plans for seniors, with better pricing. You can read all about the T-Mobile 55 Plan Pros and Cons, and then decide if that might suit the needs of you or your family.

The Best Phone Plans for 2022

There are some great options out there for cell plans this year, so if you’re looking for a change there is no better time. Take a little time to consider what you want from your cell plan, as well as what your budget will be, and you’ll be able to pick a solid choice in no time. 

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