8 Delicious Wedding Cake Trends in 2021

In recent years, the wedding cake industry has flourished and has taken cakes to a new level altogether. The cake industry has started experimenting with wedding cakes, and now you can see versatile cakes taking over to standard cakes.
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Any wedding without a cake is not complete, but now couples ask for unique designs to make their wedding a memorable affair.
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Creative cake designers, in such cases, have come together and started reinventing the cakes with new material and ingredients. From edible flowers to acrylic finish, the wedding cake trend is expected to be huge in 2021. Now just a simple, white-tiered cake is not just a wedding cake, but couples now want cakes according to the theme they organise for their wedding.

So, if you are the one looking for inspiration and want a designer cake, opt for FlowerAura’s online cake delivery use deca durabolin injections in Lucknow or anywhere, then you drop at the right place. Let us take you on a rollercoaster ride of delicious wedding cakes that would trend in 2021. Yes, if you wish to make your wedding worth remembering, then these cakes might make the difference you are looking for. Scroll down…

Skinny Multi-Tier Cake

As the guests’ lists have turned smaller because of the current pandemic, the cakes need to be reinvented accordingly. Therefore, a skinnier multi-tier cake is one the most popular cakes for people organising their wedding at a small pace with a simple theme. A white two-tier or three-tier cake with white frosting, thinner in size, is somehow on the top of the trend.

Edible Floral Cake

A single-tier, double-tier or triple-tier cake made of scrumptious flavours with floral designs adorning the cake is a must to have the wedding cake in 2021. If you have a floral theme for the wedding party, then this cake suits best to your interest and would be loved by everyone.

Single-Tier Cake

As couples have dramatically moved towards a micro wedding, the need for giant cakes would drastically decrease in 2021. So, with proper research on marriages, cake makers concluded that a single-tier cake would be in demand as a wedding cake.

Translucent Acrylic Isomalt Style Cake

One of the most creative and sweetest wedding cake trends in 2021. This is a different level of innovation taking place in wedding cakes, and it is not a simple cake if you think. Isomalt is a clear edible thing adorning the cake either in single-tier or in double-tier. Isomalt design wedding cake is the ultimate creativity you can exhibit in your wedding according to the need of the theme. This would be a famous cake in 2021 for outrageously unique weddings.

Brush Stroke Cake

If you are an artist, you will fall in love with this cake. As predicted by 2021 wedding cakes, this would be one of the famous cakes among people who have creative and artistic thoughts that they would like to show in their wedding too.
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The edible strokes are first frozen as the chocolate form of different colours and then pressed to the cake as desired.

Pearl Cake

If you are looking out for a royal fairytale wedding cake, then this is it. The pearl cake is a perfect cake to offer the guests attending your wedding. The sugary pearls and edible glitters give it a glamorous look, and also, the pearl cake looks luxurious in nature. So, this is one of the wedding cake trends for a royal wedding that you might be organising soon.

Square Tier Cake

Usually, we look for a round fondant to adorn our wedding, but as per wedding cakes in 2021, square tier is going to rule the weddings. People now want to ditch the traditional cakes and want to switch to something different. In the past few years, it has gained popularity among the elopements or micro weddings organised.

Modern Art Pieces

One of the cakes that are gaining popularity is the modern art pieces engraved in a cake. A two-tier or three-tier cake is now considered as a traditional look, but a 6-tier or 5-tier wedding cake with modern structure made and edible flowers adorning it is the most loved cake by many art lovers. If you are organising a big fat wedding, then this cake would be the centre of attraction.

If you are looking for something creative, then download FlowerAura’s online cake order app. From brush strokes to modern art, every cake is unique in itself. The cake makers have worked a lot over these cakes that are now gaining popularity. From micro weddings and elopements to big fat royal weddings, cakes are covered for every wedding you wish to organise.
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So, order one for your wedding according to the theme and involvement and see how these adorable cakes leave everyone amazed. We hope these wedding cakes trends in 2021 helps you to find the best.

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