7 Industries Making Customer Experience a Priority

In today’s digital ecosystem, every business must focus on delivering the best customer experiences to stay relevant.
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It’s important for companies to create a foolproof strategy to remain engaged with customers. The trick to keeping them happy, according to most experts, is to give customers more control over their journey. An omni-channel strategy, when combined with the appropriate technological and analytical platforms, can help transform customer experiences.

Exceptional customer service comes from an organization’s unwavering commitment to providing the best experience to every customer.
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Most companies see customer service as a cost center. What they fail to realize is that it can also be a revenue generator.

Making a shift from a reactive position to proactive action can help companies solve issues before they create a negative impact. The quality of customer service varies significantly from one industry to another. How fast a brand responds to customers’ needs provides a clear indication of the resources allocated to customer service. Here are some industries that are making customer service their biggest priority:

1. Telemedicine

Virtual care is gaining popularity, especially in light of the pandemic. Many patients prefer digital, on-demand telemedicine services. The convenience of meeting with a doctor or getting prescriptions filled from the comfort of home is here to stay. Leading organizations such as Nurx are striving to meet the needs of their patients. They achieve this by providing accessible and affordable solutions for birth control prescriptions, emergency contraception, STI home testing kits, and more.

The telemedicine industry is using trending technologies to deliver its services faster and more efficiently while reducing costs. This is proving to be a win-win for both providers and patients.

2. Telecom

Telecom companies operate in a highly competitive environment. Customer loyalty and customer retention both play a vital role in a company’s success. It may take many times the amount of money to acquire a new customer than to retain an old one. Hence, for telecom brands like Verizon and T-Mobile, customer loyalty is the top priority. Most of the top brands thrive solely on delivering excellent customer experiences.

They are achieving this by providing customers a frictionless experience and integrating technology into their customer service processes. From intuitive chatbots to easy-to-navigate apps, telecom companies are focused on meeting customer needs in a streamlined way. Offering attractive loyalty programs and acting on customer feedback swiftly also helps them earn customers’ trust.

3. Travel and Hospitality

Travel and hospitality is another industry that deals with fierce competition. Customer service is a pivotal part of this industry’s business activities. After all, the point of travel is to enjoy the journey whether you’re on the road for business or pleasure. Travel-centric brands like Marriott or Delta cannot afford to slip up by not living up to customers’ expectations.

Notable companies in the industry have a reputation for delivering top-quality customer service. They achieve this by training employees to handle all situations involving customers smoothly. Listening with an open mind and making every effort to delight customers is paramount. Employees are also trained to address customer concerns quickly and effectively. Travel and hospitality brands leverage large volumes of customer feedback to further optimize their service and offers.

4. Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and logistics companies probably have to deal with more complaints than many organizations in other industries. From supply chain woes to regulatory snags, there’s always something to manage for their customers.

Most logistics-related complaints pertain to a lack of access to vital information when customers need it quickly. Transportation companies are addressing these problems by using mobile devices and applications to deliver real-time information. It is helping them optimize resources and provide quick, quality customer support.

These companies are also relying on social media channels to offer customized information in real time.
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This is proving to be a communications strategy that can reach a wide base of customers instantly. The support solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of customers.

5. Financial Institutions

Financial institutions, including banks and insurance companies, are taking a more customer-centric approach to addressing client concerns. They meet the needs of their customers through various online and social channels. This kind of personal outreach allows banks and other institutions to humanize the customer experience.
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Remaining active on social channels and addressing concerns in real time has proven to be an absolute business necessity.

With competition heating up, financial institutions are looking for new ways to establish long-term relationships. The top ones leverage CRM data collected through social media to provide results and nurture long-term customer relationships.

6. E-commerce

E-commerce businesses thrive entirely on customers buying their products. They can survive and thrive only when they drive more customers to their business. Keeping their existing customers happy is the gateway to success. E-commerce enterprises spend a significant portion of their funds on customer service and support. In a highly competitive sales environment, ensuring that every visitor has a smooth, swift, and hassle-free buying experience is paramount.

The first step in this direction involves creating a friendly, clutter-free, and easy-to-navigate website. Delighting customers with reward programs and loyalty bonuses is another way of retaining them. These companies deliver personal experiences by offering hefty discounts on birthdays, anniversaries) and on special occasions. Making your customer feel special and valued is the top priority.

7. Retail

Consumers love to shop for top retail brands, but only if they have a great experience buying them. The industry is strongly focused on connecting with customers by using targeted marketing campaigns at crucial times of the year. Customers in the retail industry expect fast resolution to their concerns, too. Robust customer service is the best way of enhancing the customer experience and boosting the chances of repeat purchases.

Word-of-mouth advertising is baked into the retail formula when it comes to customer loyalty. The retail industry counts on customers as their brand advocates. The more success stories they share, the more business they can expect to generate.

Growing competition has shifted the focus from unique product features and pricing strategies to delivering delightful customer experiences across these industries. Great products and competitive pricing are no doubt critical components of a successful business. When you combine them with an outstanding customer service experience, success is yours to lose. Focus on your customers as these industries do, and you’ll reap the benefits over time.
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